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Top 10 travel apps for iPhone and Android

Tony Ridley | Sept. 8, 2010
As International SOS director of security services for the Asia Pacific, Tony Ridley knows travel.  Here, he offers his thoughts on the best apps for both the Apple iPhone and HTC Android smart phones

Convert Everything

Part of the excitement of travel is often from the challenges foreign environments bring.

Everywhere is different. Different measurements, different currencies, different languages and so on. This application can help with converting pretty much anything I want transferred from one unit of measure/language into something else.

Here are the key travel applications that I would recommend for Android OS users:

Oanda currency converter

When you travel a lot, or youre a first-time traveller, its important to keep updated on the latest currency conversion rates. I like the Oanda Currency Converter because its quick and simple to use for single or multiple trips.

Wi-Fi Finder

Connectivity and communications remain a constant concern to business travellers, even in developing countries. Therefore I like to know of any paid or free wi-fi spots within vicinity of my accommodation or current location should I need to access information or send or receive files. Wi-Fi Finder is a great tool for preplanning and ongoing travel information regarding wi-fi hotspots.

Talk To Me Classic

If youre travelling to locations where you dont speak or understand the local language or writing, it is vitally important to be able to communicate, even if its just the basics. Talk To Me gives you the option to translate your native tongue into a variety of written and spoken languages so you can share and communicate more effectively. This is a great one speaking with hotel staff and taxi drivers.

Places Directory

Whether youre a first-timer or even a frequent traveller, Places Directory can always give you tips and advice and guidance on the nearest ATM, restaurant, entertainment facility or even just shopping. This application is constantly being updated and I find it great to getting my bearings and reducing the amount of time I spend wasted looking for somewhere eat while travelling.

Call Log Calendar

Easily track phone calls and conversations when youre on the road or focused on other business tasks. This application enables you to export all your phone log information into your calendar so you can keep track of times, dates, conversations for follow-up, or even info for billing purposes.

Kayak Hotel and Flight Search

Again, I like to spend some time planning before I commit or confirm any trips. The kayak application gives you great data and information for budget planning, hotel/flight selection and other journey management requirements quickly and efficiently from a phone. Not only do I use this as part of my preplanning regiment but its also excellent on the road or when plans change.

My Tracks

While this application primarily targets the fitness and exercise market, its a great tool for business travellers too. I use this if travelling to a new location or following directions that are unclear, so I know where Ive been and where Im headed to. Its also an excellent tool for planners when considering emergency/evacuation routes or simply the shortest route between two points.


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