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Top 10 travel apps for iPhone and Android

Tony Ridley | Sept. 8, 2010
As International SOS director of security services for the Asia Pacific, Tony Ridley knows travel.  Here, he offers his thoughts on the best apps for both the Apple iPhone and HTC Android smart phones


I have a lot of meetings. It seems everyone in every company has a slightly different platform for managing e-mail and scheduling calendars. Additionally, I loathe endless e-mails and text messages back and forth purely to determine availability and the best time to meet. Setting a meeting time can be complicated enough with just one person but is further compounded when multiple parties are involved. Tungle is the perfect tool, centralising all my meeting appointments and quickly and simply determining both my availability and that of the client, colleague or other parties. This tool is fantastic as it synchronises my desktop calendar, mobile device and Web-based applications.

FlightTrack Pro

Before I even commit to a trip or a meeting I like to know if there are compatible flights for the time and location required. I find FlightTrack Pro an outstanding tool to determine the reliability and flight options to and from specific locations. This tool also gives me the probability of departure and arrival running according to schedule. This application is great not only for my own travel, but also for being able to track the arrival and departure flights of friends and family.


This is an excellent productivity tool that I find invaluable for travel also. Evernote enables me to cut and paste, capture, drop or simply add all the information relating to a particular trip or multiple trips. This application synchronises between desktop applications (Outlook, Word, Internet Explorer, clipboard, etc). This ensures that all the information such as itineraries, hotel bookings, restaurants, navigation guides to client offices, local or translated phrases, maps and anything else I synchronised is available in electronic format whenever I might need it. I create separate folders for each location or activity, enabling me to quickly and efficiently access the information without opening my laptop or carrying around lots of printed or duplicated sheets of paper.


Because Im constantly bouncing around from one location to another, I often find myself in locations that I may not be very familiar with. It is important to me that I make informed decisions or find locations quickly and efficiently. I therefore use this application to help me find other people in my network, ATMs, restaurants, supermarkets or anything else I may need quickly and simply.


Im constantly working on projects, information, issues or hobbies between multiple computers or formats. I use this daily to quickly share files and content between computers, colleagues, clients and myself. I can even review presentations and notes from my iPhone just before a walk on stage without having to print or open my laptop.

Worldcard Contacts

The management of information and in particular contacts is becoming increasingly challenging. To help me with this process I use this application to make an immediate copy or store a contact business card. The information is scanned directly into my contacts list, but I can also reference this directly on my iPhone. Built-in functions allow me to call, text, e-mail, or navigate to a particular address directly from the electronic copy of the business card. This application has saved me hours of heartache and provided timely access to valuable contacts and details.


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