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This company ditched its landlines and iPhones in favor of iPad Minis

Brandon Butler | March 7, 2013
Jim Pond is a techie and an Apple lover. He always needs the newest Apple product at his small suburban Boston creative agency, whether it's the latest iPad, MacBook, iPhone or iPod Touch. "If it's Apple, we've gotta have it," he proudly states.

His thesis: "We don't need phone service anymore." Elgan uses Google Voice through his iPhone, but he does not have a phone plan, just data plan.

Elgan got a range of comments on his post, including some questioning what would happen if everyone just suddenly dropped their carrier and switched to VoIP. Could the network handle it? Don't we need a telecommunications infrastructure for emergency communications? What's going to happen to the cost of data plans if everyone starts using VoIP?

Even with VoIP services improving in quality and offering a cheaper voice communications platform, Botelho doesn't see cellphones going away anytime soon. Nor will landlines. Or email. Or even fax machines. Remember those things? Well ,there's plenty of them still sitting around offices today. As new technology advances, it doesn't always supplant existing technologies. For some use cases a landline will be best, and for others, VoIP may just be good enough.


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