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The shocking truth about Proactive intelligence in iOS 9

Jonny Evans | Aug. 21, 2015
Isn't it shocking that Proactive can give you a digital assistant that isn't interested in collecting and selling data about what you do?

To make this a little easier, Siri in iOS 9 has developed understanding of concepts like “today”, “tomorrow”, “when”. This means you can ask Siri to “Remind me to buy milk on the way home today”. Siri will then try to identify where you work and drop you a reminder as you leave.

Shocking truth

So, with all this information inside of iOS 9, what about privacy? Do you really want Apple knowing where you go, who you know, where you work and what you do?

Apple wants you to keep your private lives private.

This is why (unlike competitors who want to make money from insights into your private lives) it has engineered Proactive to process its data directly on your device, rather than in the cloud. This means your life does not become some Alphabetized telephone book for surveillance, sale or sociopathic snooping.

The shocking thing about this is that Apple's execution of the feature proves there’s no real need to sacrifice privacy for convenience. You can remain in control.

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