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The new Kindle Fire; What it needs to be a hit

Ed Oswald | Aug. 27, 2012
Amazon has kindled the fires of speculation with its announcement Thursday of a press event on September 6, which likely signals the launch of new Kindles, including an updated Kindle Fire.

If you really want to take on the iPad, move in on Apple's home turf: the 10-inch tablet. That's what we're hearing Amazon has up its sleeve: An additional, larger Kindle Fire model with a quad-core processor. This would give the Fire as much oomph as most other mainstream tablets, and enable consumers to run more powerful programs. Which leads me to...

5. Open It Up

It may be a desire to control the experience, or an admission that the current Kindle just can't handle it, but Amazon has the Android app experience locked down. Many apps don't run on the Fire. With these new Fires, Amazon needs to open up the experience and give users a better selection of apps to run on the device. Based on the hardware feature set we're hearing, there isn't much that these new Fires couldn't run. But the software needs to be there, too.

Address these concerns, and the new Kindle Fire (or Fires) has a good chance of succeeding. But one thing's for certain: with the Nexus 7 around, and the iPad mini likely on the way, being just a e-reader off-shoot isn't going to cut it any more.


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