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The most dangerous case: 3 ways to weaponise your iPhone

Amber Bouman | Nov. 15, 2013
My iPhone case can beat up your iPhone case. And anyone who tries to mess with me, too.

Once in place, the phone felt very heavy. Again, this case is not messing around. It weighs a strapping 4.6 ounces—almost as much as the iPhone itself. The combination did feel sturdy in my hand—"bricklike" is accurate but not intended as an insult.

I can't lie: I felt pretty damn safe knowing I had a stun gun at hand, although I'll admit this essential feature is likely of more use if you walk with your phone in hand, which I almost never do. I got used to the weight quickly enough to the point where my original case felt flimsy and scrawny when I went back, and the battery feature came in handy pretty frequently.

Charging the case takes a few hours (the website says four), and charging your phone using the case requires about an hour. And there is absolutely no way that thing is coming with you on a plane. C'mon. You know you're going to have to check that. It's also really huge for daily use—my phone refused to fit into a variety of pockets during my time using the Yellow Jacket case—but I was glad that I had it to change into, as it were, on nights when I knew I would be out late.


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