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The Internet of Things, explained

Chanelle Bessette | Jan. 2, 2015
Everybody’s talking about it, billions are being spent on it, and it will impact all of our lives sooner rather than later. Our primer explains what all the fuss is about.

Today's smart thermostats can help reduce a household's energy costs, but as the devices become ubiquitous, entire neighborhoods will be able to take stress off of the power grid. A wearable device can monitor the number of calories you burn during the day; but as technology advances, doctors might able to analyze huge amounts of anonymized data to make advancements in healthcare advancements medical care bout populations of people, helping them advance medical care. Sensors in cars can monitor a driver's performance today; in the future, they'll upload telemetry data to the cloud to help reduce traffic congestion.

The Internet will remain what it was invented to be: a worldwide network of computers. But the computers on that network are becoming tinier, larger in number, and more highly specialized than anyone ever predicted.


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