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The best ways to share large files on Android

Ryan Whitwam | March 2, 2016
Got a file that's too big for email? No problem!

Infinit to share with multiple recipients

You don’t always have the luxury to make someone download and set up a new app in order to send them a file, and that’s when Infinit comes in handy. It only takes a few taps to select a file and send it to anyone you like via email or SMS. There’s also no file size limit, which sounds like something you should put to the test, right?

Files sent via Infinite are uploaded to the cloud, but they’re automatically encrypted while stored. All the recipient needs to do is click on the link and download the file. No extra software is necessary and all files will be available for a week. The only potential hiccup in the process is that you need an Infinite account to use the app. The person receiving the file doesn’t, though.

Google Drive for long term sharing

If you need to make a large file available to multiple people over more than a week, you can just fire up Google Drive. Everyone gets 15GB of free space, and additional storage is cheap. This process takes a few more steps, but neither you nor the recipients need to download new apps.

First, find the file you want to send and use the share menu to send it to Drive. You’ll get to pick the folder, so make a note of where you send it. You can let the upload happen in the background, then open the Drive app and go to the info panel for the file. Tap “Share link” and you have the option of sending the link via any messaging app on your phone or simply copying it to the clipboard.

If you want to stop sharing the file at any time, just head back to the info panel and scroll down to the “Who has access” header. Turn Link Sharing off and the link will go dead. Alternatively, just delete it.

It’s probably a good idea to get these apps ready to go just in case. That should keep you pretty well covered no matter what sort of file sharing emergency comes up.


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