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Thank you Apple for making sleek products!

Anuradha Shukla | Nov. 16, 2012
The first laptop computer from 1981 was 11 kg.


We should thank innovators like Apple and Toshiba to bring a change in the technology world as back in 1981, office goers had to carry a laptop that weighed 11 kg.

Introduced in 1981 at the West Coast Computer Fair, the Osborne 1 was the first laptop computer available to people who took pride in carrying a product with a five inch screen and dual 5.25 inch floppy drives.

Osborne Computer Corporation offered this product at US$2,000, according to a report by Mark Prigg in

This fully functional computer system came in a portable package the size of a briefcase. The software suite offered with the Osborne 1 used a now obsolete operating system called CP/M operating system. 

Completely different from the sleek iPads and laptops available in the market today, this laptop computer promised users to get better work done in lesser time.

Revolutionising the computer industry

The Osborne 1 was promoted heavily by the founder of Osborne Computer Corporation which wanted to revolutionise the computer industry with this 11 kg product.

This laptop computer included Micropro's Wordstar software and its keyboard was clipped over the display panel. The weatherproof brushed aluminium case was available in an attractive blue shade.

Despite its bulky appearance, Osborne could sell more than 125,000 units in 1982. But it could not recreate this magic in the coming years and lost the race in the industry to Compaq machine.

Slowly, Osborne saw the sales dip and finally in 1983, the company announced bankruptcy. Today, we have forgotten all about Adam Osborne, the man behind the Osborne 1, but the fact is he was a pioneer in personal business computing.  


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