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Texting apps for business users

Liane Cassavoy | Aug. 6, 2014
End-to-end encryption, forensic wiping, and other features make these texting tools ready for professional use.

Texting used to be nothing more than a form of entertainment for teens and young adults who wanted to stay in touch — constantly — with their friends. But these days, texting is a business tool, and a serious one at that. Businesses are using texting as a means of inter-office communication and as a way to reach out to business contacts and even customers. And while your smartphone comes with its own, perfectly serviceable texting app, if you're relying on that alone to fill your texting needs, you might be missing out. A third-party texting app can offer more features and an improved design and save you money as it won't rely on your monthly messaging plan. Here are five to consider.


Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Phone; free for one year, 99 cents after

Any roundup of text messaging apps has to include a mention of WhatsApp, which was purchased by Facebook earlier this year. That move thrust this already incredibly popular app directly into the tech world's limelight. And for good reason: WhatsApp is reasonably priced (free for the first year; 99 cents per year after that), works on a variety of platforms (Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian, and Windows Phone), and sports a clean, easy-to-use design. It also features a massive user base — more than 500 million people — which is important since you can only connect with other What'sApp users. I was pleasantly surprised to see several of my contacts on there when I loaded the app. WhatsApp lets you send photos and videos, share your location, and create group chats. The downsides of WhatsApp? It's widely regarded as a consumer app, so your business partners may balk at installing it, and it lacks a desktop component or a tablet version, which many of its rivals offer.


Android; free

Business users looking for more security will appreciate TextSecure, a free app for Android phones. It adds end-to-end encryption to your messages, but only if you're communicating with other TextSecure users. Since TextSecure only works on Android phones and isn't exactly a household name, its user base is limited. Luckily, you can use it to text anyone on your contact list, but those messages will not be encrypted — something TextSecure notifies you of automatically. TextSecure's interface is not going to wow potential users, but the app is perfectly serviceable and easy to use.


Android, iOS; free

Cue the "Mission: Impossible" theme song. Wickr, a free app for Android and iOS, is something straight out of spy fantasies. It's capable of delivering what it says are "top secret" messages to fellow Wickr users — ones that disappear after a select interval. You can send text, photos, or videos to a single user or a group, and if one of the users is not on Wickr, they will receive an invitation to join the service. You also set an expiration point for the message, anywhere from three seconds to six days. Wickr says all messages are "forensically wiped" after they expire and that the service users peer-to-peer encryption to protect all of the data it transmits. It also allows you to delete location data and claims to never store your messages or user information on the company's servers. Some of its features, such as the ability to add graffiti to your messages, are a little lighthearted for business use, but overall Wickr has the potential to be a solid professional tool.


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