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Targeted attacks in Hong Kong to multiply in 2015

Anuradha Shukla | Nov. 10, 2014
Exploits kits will target Android open platform, says Trend Micro.

Targeted attacks campaigns in Hong Kong and elsewhere will continue to multiply in 2015, according to annual security predictions report by Trend Micro.

Exploits kits are predicted to target Android, as mobile vulnerabilities play a bigger role in device infection.

This is bad news for mobile users in Hong Kong as about 77 per cent of mobile users in the city are using Android platform.

Some cyber criminals will leverage on the active online banking and trading platform in Hong Kong and attempt to hack by sending malwares.

Trend Micro advises online users in Hong Kong to be alert otherwise they may fall into the cyber trap.

"What we are seeing today is not a huge surprise but rather the velocity and brutal measures cybercriminals are using to steal information," said Bob Hung, general manager of Trend Micro Hong Kong and Taiwan. "With the incessant barrage of data breaches emerging almost daily, it's reasonable to presume that data breaches will be essentially regarded as a common offshoot of the present threat landscape."

Share and sell crimeware
Targeted attacks will become as prevalent as cybercrime and more cybercriminals will turn to darknets and exclusive-access forums to share and sell crimeware.

"Trend Micro Security Predictions for 2015 and Beyond: The Invisible Becomes Visible," also indicates that increased cyber activity will lead to better, bigger, and more successful hacking tools and attempts.

Hackers within countries such as Vietnam, UK, and India, will pursue the use of targeted attacks.

More attempts will be made to exploit vulnerabilities in open source apps and technological diversity will save Internet of Everything devices from mass attacks.

Attackers will find vulnerabilities in smart devices as factors such as market pressure drive device manufacturers to launch smart devices without security in mind to address the rising demand.

"Smart homes and home automation will continue to proliferate across the globe, further increasing all of our attack surfaces," said Hung. "As such, smart device manufactures must consider how to secure the data that resides in these devices not just the devices themselves."


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