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Take pictures like a pro with Camera+, Facetune, and more

Liane Cassavoy | July 9, 2014
Chances are your smartphone camera has become your primary method of taking pictures. After all, your phone is in your pocket most of the time, and its camera likely can rival what you'd find on a basic point-and-shoot model, if not surpass it. But when you're taking photos for business purposes, you really need them to look their best, and that's not always the case when you're using your phone. Luckily, these apps can help you get the most out of it.


iOS; $3 for iPhone, $4 for iPad

Taking professional headshots or employee photos with your iPhone or iPad? Facetune can help you get more polished results. This $3 (iPhone)/$4 (iPad) app lets you remove blemishes, soften wrinkles, whiten teeth, and modify facial expressions and structure. All of the work is done by selecting Facetune's tools and then sliding your finger over the parts of the photo you want to fix. You can zoom in on a shot to get a better look at the work you're doing, but the iPhone's limited screen real estate can make this difficult. Using it on the iPad is easier, if that's an option for you. I didn't get professional, Photoshop-like results from Facetune, but I did find it to be an easy way to perk up a headshot just a bit.


iOS, Android, Mac OS, Windows; free

Sometimes, you want to edit your photos. Other times, you want to share them along with your thoughts on the image in question. Skitch, part of the Evernote collection of tools, lets you do just that. It's similar to Evernote's Web clipper, which lets you clip and comment on pieces of the Web, except that it works with photos. You can use the app to snap a photo or work on one you already have. You can add text, handwritten comments, arrows, icons, and more, though writing anything legible on an small phone screen may prove challenging. Once the photo is marked up to your liking, you can share the result with someone else via email, MMS, Twitter, Evernote, Facebook, and more. Skitch is free and works on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows devices.


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