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Staff Picks: iOS apps you should check out now

Serenity Caldwell | Feb. 10, 2014
It's no surprise that the App Store has gotten a wee bit crowded over the last few years. With millions of iOS devices activated every year, and tens of thousands of app developers itching to make software for those devices, there's new and cool stuff (along with new and not-so-cool stuff) arriving on the Store every day. Trying to keep up with it all is a fool's errand, as we at Macworld know all too well.

Dan Moren: Authy
The problem with increased security is largely that it's less convenient. For example, I've enabled two-factor authentication on many of my online accounts, but I hate the idea of being barraged with text messages every time I want to login. Fortunately, that's where Authy comes in: the iOS app, which supports both iPhone and iPad, lets me collect most of my common two-factor tokens in a single place, and its simple design makes it easy to differentiate them. Authy even lets me securely back up all my tokens, so that I don't have to go through the time-consuming process of re-entering them when I upgrade to a new device. So, really, it's the best of both worlds: better security and less inconvenience. — Dan Moren


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