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Sony Xperia X Performance review: You deserve a lot more phone for $700

Florence Ion | July 12, 2016
Seriously, Sony? The Xperia X Performance performs well enough, but it's absolutely not worth its outrageous price tag.

Should you buy this phone?

xperiazperf  2
Florence Ion

Is this your next phone? Only if Sony reduces the price by at least $200.

I’ll never stop mourning the death of the Xperia Z series, especially because I don’t see the Xperia X series picking up where those phones left off. I like some aspects of the Xperia X Performance, like its water resistance, its speedy processor, and the fact that it’s a really comfortable phone to use. But I can’t call it a premium device because it simply doesn’t feel like one. It’s not worthy of flagship status, either, and I suspect Sony will have to try really, really hard to convince the public that it’s worth an exorbitant $700.

All that said, this is still the only Xperia X variant worth even considering. So, if you’re really aching to get a Sony device back into your hands, wait until the company gets the hint—like it did with the Xperia X— and drops the price by about $200.


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