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Siri takes control as Apple's macOS Sierra beta arrives

Michael deAgonia | July 8, 2016
Mac users get a desktop OS they can talk to

Even better, Siri can save your queries and the results in the Notification area for quick access later. That means everything from local file searches to sports scores can be pinned there for easy access later. And from these search widgets, you can keep track of specific files for that project you're working on, drag and drop the results into live documents, or simply store sports scores for current games you're interested in.

siri search Michael deAgonia

Siri is aware of tags and can be used to find files using keywords

Other changes in Sierra and final thoughts

Of course Siri isn’t the only new feature in Sierra. Other useful additions include:

  • The ability to play any video in a small window that hovers above your work
  • Optimized storage, which can be used to free up space by clearing your hard drive of older files (and storing them in Apple’s iCloud servers for later retrieval, or, in the case of obsolete system files, removing them entirely).
  • Advanced Continuity features that allow Apple devices to communicate and work more effectively with each other, including the new Universal Clipboard. This lets you copy data or a picture on your iPhone and paste it into a document on your Mac without using Messages, Notes or AirDrop. The ability to easily move data between Apple devices is coming, and it already works pretty well in the public beta. (Note: For this to work, every device needs to be running the latest beta software.) This feature alone might be worth the upgrade in the fall for many.

When Siri was first released, I mused that any technology hoping to gain mass appeal had to be good enough to change someone's thought process from "Why are you using that?" to "Why aren't you using that?" Siri's capabilities and accuracy have grown over the years, and its features continue to evolve as the tech spreads from one Apple product to another. At the time, I wondered where the technology would go.

Now we know the answer: on our Macs. And now you can try it for yourself, months before other Mac users get their shot.


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