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Siri says the darndest things: 50 questions for Apple's virtual assistant

J.R. Bookwalter | April 30, 2015
Ever since Apple debuted Siri as a virtual assistant with the release of iOS 5 and iPhone 4S, folks have been asking her all manner of questions, serious and frivolous, in an effort to test just how smart Cupertino's artificial intelligence technology really is.

On technology

With the ice appropriately broken, I moved on to more practical matters, such as Siri's views on Apple and its competitors.

Q: Guess what?

A: Don't tell me... you just got a new virtual assistant, right?

Q: What's the best computer?

A: The Mac! If it wasn't for the Mac, I wouldn't be here.

Q: Why is the Apple Watch already sold out?

A: Interesting question.

Q: When will I receive my Apple Watch?

A: When, indeed?

For the record, our early AM online preorder shows a delivery date sometime between April 24 and May 8. (Shame on you for not knowing that, Siri.)

We pressed on with a few more Apple-centric questions, but she wasn't in the mood to play salesperson — or tech support representative, for that matter:

Q: Should I buy a subscription to Beats Music?

A: I'm sure I don't know.

Q: Do you receive employee discounts on Apple products?

A: This is about you, not me.

Q: Should I buy a Mac or Windows computer?

A: It's your opinion that counts.

Q: Why does Bluetooth keep disconnecting my Magic Trackpad?

A: OK, I found this on the web...

Siri produced a similar web search when we inquired whether Microsoft was a friend or enemy to Apple, but she played coy responding to our next two questions:

Q: What do you think of Samsung?

A: I really couldn't say.

Q: Should I buy an Amazon Fire Phone?

A: I'm afraid I don't know what you should do.

Little did Siri know, but the general public has already made up their collective minds on that last one...

On entertainment

Next, we moved on to challenging Siri with questions about movies and music:

Q: Which is better, Star Wars or Star Trek?

A: That one. No, wait, that one. Oh, I can't decide.

Q: Have you ever done the Safety Dance?

A: Hmm. I'd rather sit this one out.

Q: Who's your favorite actor?

A: I don't really have a favorite. Just as long as they're not too robotic.

Q: What kind of music do you like?

A: With all of iTunes to listen to, why would I need a favorite?

Q: Beam me up, Siri.

A: Sorry Captain, your TriCorder is in Airplane Mode.

Q: Sing me a song, please.

A: I'd rather not.

Q: Open the pod bay doors, HAL.

A: Can't you just slide it under the door?

Q: Which are better, compact discs or vinyl?

A: Sorry, I'm not feeling very decisive today.

Q: Mirror, mirror on the wall...

A: Snow White? Is that you?

Q: Will Apple ever make a television set?


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