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Samsung+ software update lets a customer service rep control your device remotely

Florence Ion | April 1, 2016
Samsung's helper app gets a massive makeover, which also includes a new community feature allowing you to seek help from other loyal Galaxy users.

The story behind the story: I’ve written about Samsung+ before. Samsung is attempting to make the service into more than just a helper application. The idea is that its existence helps inspire brand loyalty among its customers, and frankly, it’s one of the better marketing pushes on Samsung’s end.

My favorite use case for Samsung+ is with my mother, who is constantly asking me for help with her Galaxy S6 Edge. The last version of Samsung+ had helped in some situations, but eventually things got so bad with her device that I had her switch to a Nexus 6P while Verizon swapped out her unit. I don’t think Samsung+ will offer that kind of support—the kind that helps you avoid dealing with your carrier. But I do think the idea of creating an easily accessible community for its loyal users will prove wholly beneficial for Samsung in the end, especially as it finds itself up against competitors like Google’s Nexus devices, which now offers services like Nexus Protect, and Apple, which is nearly the shining example of customer support with Apple Care and its numerous Genius Bars.

For Samsung devices going forward, Samsung+ will come preloaded on your device. If you don’t already have it and you’re interested in trying it out, you can download it directly from the Google Play Store.


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