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Replace your iPhone's Contacts app with Buzz Contacts

Joel Mathis | May 6, 2013
It's easy--and cheap--to stick with the native apps that Apple installs on its iOS devices. But sometimes third-party apps are heads-and-shoulders above what's already on offer. Buzz Contacts, a $1 offering from Savvy Apps, is in that category: Simply put, it blows Apple's native Contacts app away.

Simpler third-party app integration

Buzz Contacts doesn't assume you'll want to use the Phone app to make phone calls--it offers options to default to several voice communication apps, including Skype, when you dial out.

Additionally, while it's difficult to start an email in Contacts and then attach a document from another app, Buzz Contacts offers integration with both the Box and Dropbox apps on your iOS device. And if you've also purchased Savvy Apps's companion scheduling app, Agenda Calendar, the two apps work in tandem to remind you when to send a particular email or schedule a certain business call.

Bottom line

There's nothing wrong with Apple's native Contacts app. But if you're in business, have a large family, communicate with a lot of people, or do that communication in a lot of ways, Buzz Contacts is the far superior choice.


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