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Plan your summer vacation with Google's suite of travel tools

Derek Walter | June 2, 2016
Google has gotten serious about helping you find flights, hotels, and keeping track of all the details.

You can also type “my reservations” or “my flights” in order to get these details. You’ll also see concert tickets or other bookings, depending upon if the developers for the booking site have encoded the right details into their email.

google trips
Google Now pulls together your itinerary and tries to play travel guide with suggested activities.

One area where this hasn’t really kicked in is cruises. A cruise I took last summer, and another planned for this summer, are nowhere to be found in my Google stream. Whether it’s on Google’s end or the cruise providers', this could use some attention.

More is on the way

As referenced earlier, Google has a new beta travel app rolling out to those who have achieved Level 2 or above in the Local Guides ladder.

Despite my Level 3 achievement, I haven’t been able to score access to the beta (tick tock, Google). However, the takeaway is that Google wants to do a lot more when it comes to planning out future travel, using its knowledge in maps and data collected from other services to tie everything together offers a lot of potential.

google trips preview 
Get suggestions for your trip as soon as you arrive at the destination. Credit:

This app could tie together everything into one cohesive package. Flights, hotels, and saved trips work well within their individual services, but everything feels rather siloed. If any company can pull your data together and make it all make sense, it’s Google.

Imagine a travel service that also offers flights and hotels based on your preferences - Google could learn that you like to stay at four-star hotels, avoid red-eye flights, and prefer to stay at least two nights somewhere. Think of a personalized guidebook that finds what you like to do, but may also nudge you towards branching out of your comfort zone a little.

The level of personalization that Google gives to other products would be welcome for travel planning, where there are usually too many choices to sort through. It’s a great package right now, but the quest to build a personal Google would definitely be welcome here.


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