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Pebble counts down to new smartwatch: Colour screen and new OS touted

Chris Martin | Feb. 23, 2015
Will the new Pebble smartwatch finally have a colour screen?

New Pebble smartwatch countdown

Pebble has started a timer on its website which is counting down to the launch of a new smartwatch. 

The countdown will end on 24 February at 3pm UK time and although the company hasn't announced what it will be unveiling it's not too hard to work out it will be a new smartwatch to follow on from the original Pebble and Pebble Steel.

You can register for information, these days you never really have to wait until official announcements to find out the details. Thanks to a leak via 9to5Mac, we have a good idea of what the new device will offer.

Multiple sources claim the announcement will be a major update to both hardware and software.

The big news is that the new Pebble smartwatch will have a colours display which will be slightly wider and in a thinner casing. It will be e-ink like but still not be touch-sensitive. Other new hardware will include a microphone, improved backlight, a new Cortex M4 processor and a 6-axis gyroscope.

Although a heart rate monitor is rumoured to arrive in a Pebble smartwatch, that won't happen any time soon, according to the sources.

On the software side is a 'brand new' version of the Pebble watch operating system which has supposedly been redesigned from the ground up. The 'dramatically different' software from the team behind WebOS will feature a timeline view and new animations.

The updates sound good but we'll have to wait until next week to find out for definite what Pebble has in store.


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