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Nexmo enables brands to engage customers through WeChat and Line apps

Zafirah Salim | April 8, 2015
Called Nexmo Chat App API, this new offering allows brands to sign up for beta access to engage with their customers via WeChat and Line through one easy-to-use cloud API.

According to research firm Forrester, the rate of chat application adoption is already high in Asia. In fact, there are currently over a billion combined users on WeChat, Line, KakaoTalk, Viber and WhatsApp. The popularity of chat apps will be crucial for established brands to engage their customers through multiple channels such as voice, video and e-commerce, besides instant messaging.  

Leveraging on this, cloud communications company Nexmo announced today the launch of the world's first API - called Nexmo Chat App API - that allows brand to engage consumers one-on-one via their preferred chat application. With this new offering, brands can now sign up for beta access to engage with their customers via WeChat and Line through one easy-to-use cloud API.

According to Nexmo, each chat app is used differently and has unique features. This creates a barrier for many brands as they would have to build and maintain dozens of APIs for each app. Additionally, they have to make sure these APIs comply with marketing, sales and service platforms. Nexmo's Chat App API solves this problem by automatically and seamlessly connecting chat apps to brand marketers via their preferred service platform.

The Nexmo Chat App API also helps brands consolidate all chat messages into their existing communication platforms, eliminating the need to manually manage communications over individual chat apps. This is done by automatically detecting and connecting brand messages with the appropriate chat application in real time. As a result, marketing, sales or customer support professionals can send one message and have it appear on relevant chat apps all at once.

In a media statement, Nexmo said that it is currently working directly with each chat app to ensure messages appear correctly on all platforms. It added that it is also working towards adding support for additional chat apps, service platforms and new features in the coming months.

"Chat applications present a new opportunity for brands to instantly and genuinely engage with their customers via their preferred communications channel," said Chris Moore, VP of Chat App Hub Business at Nexmo. "We're coming to an age where companies are beginning to focus their brand less on individual apps and, instead, reach customers in chat applications. We will help those brands realise this future by helping them connect with customers, however and wherever they are in the world."


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