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Mobile app start-up rides on industry-specific needs

Teresa Leung | April 16, 2013
Benny Chan, manager of SillyCube, said his company focuses on a mobile B2B app that streamlines enterprise processes

Benny Chan, manager of SillyCube, said his company focuses on a mobile B2B app that streamlines enterprise processes

CWHK: When did you set up your company? Why the name?

Benny Chan: There were four of us who founded SillyCube in mid-2009. We include the word "silly" in our name to remind us of silly mistakes made in our professional journeys, what we learned from our mistakes, and the fact that we must keep learning.

CWHK: What is your flagship product?

BC: Mobile Form System: our first B2B flagship product. It supports both iOS and Android tablets, allowing workers to type information directly onto pre-designed forms and send those forms directly to servers of companies they work for.

For instance, maintenance workers, warehouse workers, and property managers can input data as well as including photos and comments in the forms after on-site inspection. HR staffers can also make use of the app to input data from job applicants.

The form and the new workflow rid companies of the need to have employees spend extra time entering paper-based information into systems. Our Mobile Form System also supports e-signatures and report generation in Excel or Word formats.

CWHK: How long and how much did it take you to develop the Mobile Form System?

BC: It took us six months and less than HK$1 million to develop the product.

CWHK: Who are your customers? Where are they from?

BC: Some of our customers include Hong Kong-based property management firm Urban Group and Wai Hong Environmental Services. Wai Hong serves customers like MTR and Hong Kong International Airport, making sure their facilities are clean.

Our product also helps customers keep track of employees' daily routines. For instance, a customer requires that staffers use tablets to scan QR codes at specific locations, and input information: for example, how much time they spent at a certain location. Our system allows this company to automatically generate reports that can be easily downloaded by managers.

CWHK: How much do you charge your customers?

BC: The Mobile Form System costs HK$50,000 to HK$100,000. But that doesn't cover upgrades.

CWHK: Who are your competitors?

BC: Some app developers in Hong Kong have similar products. But we allow our customers to make customizations to fit their special needs and we focus on industry systems.

CWHK: What are the challenges facing you as a local tech startup?

BC: Hong Kong is a small market that won't allow a business like us to grow into a big company. So we must expand into China and other Asian markets. We are in talks with the University of Macau for using our product to inspect the cleanliness of their facilities such as toilets. We are also looking for a partner in Singapore.


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