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Meet the iPhone cases that can hunt ghosts and build furniture

Dave Johnson | Sept. 30, 2014
Think like the Most Interesting Man in the World: He doesn't always use an iPhone case, but when he does it can see heat or cut down a tree.

TaskOne: Hardware utility

The $99 TaskOne is like an iPhone case with a Swiss Army knife built in. And that's not hyperbole: It really has a knife, a 2.5-inch long sawblade with serrated edge, to be precise. You could literally cut wood with your iPhone, if you were so inclined. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

The TaskOne is a bumper-style case with a half-dozen integrated tools for MacGyvers who never know when they'll need a screwdriver. The case is actually quite rigid, and encloses securely around the phone with the help of four tiny screws and an Allen wrench--this is not a case you'll casually slip on and off as the mood strikes you.

There are recesses and cutouts for all the controls and ports, as you'd expect, but it's the back of the case that's the most interesting. There, you'll find four low-profile sliders that push a handful of tools out of various sides of the case. You can slide out a pair of screwdrivers--small and medium flatheads, with a low-profile Philips head to boot. The Allen wrench tool has a half dozen wrench sizes, a pair of bike spoke wrenches, and a rudimentary wire cutter. There's even a pair of pliers--it's permanently integrated into the case, but thoroughly functional--and a non-removable can opener. Perhaps the most unusual feature, though, is the knife. It's quite sharp, and slides out of the case a full 2.5 inches. Plus, the rigid nature of the case means you can actually use your phone as the knife grip.

Of course, the TSA might have some concerns about traveling with a knife embedded in your phone, so you can pop the blade out and leave it home when you travel


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