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Meet Lumo Run, the $100 sensor that will transform your workouts

Caitlin McGarry | Aug. 2, 2016
Lumo Run does one thing only, but does that one thing so well.

I’ve tested all manner of fitness trackers, and no wrist-worn activity band can get into the details that serious runners are interested in like Lumo Run does. The addition of actionable advice you can use both during your run and afterward is worth the price if you really want to upgrade your performance on your own.

Lumo’s decision to separate its sensor from its clothing makes perfect sense, mainly because of the logistical concerns with sensor-filled workout gear. Sure, clothes that can track your workouts without a fitness tracker or a phone seem really cool, but these are clothes you sweat in and wear through more quickly than the average item in your wardrobe. Who wants to spend $200 on a pair of running shorts? Not me.

I also appreciate that I can wear the Lumo Run and a wrist-worn fitness tracker at the same time, because they offer different insights. Lumo’s device is specific to running—it doesn’t track steps, calories burned, sleep, or any other standard activity metric. It only does one thing, but it does that one thing so well.


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