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LG G5 vs Galaxy S7 always-on displays: Features and battery life compared

Jason Cipriani | June 9, 2016
These two flagships share a similar feature, but usability and battery life vary.


At the end of both tests, the G5’s battery had more juice. But I’m not sure if that makes it the clear winner.

In a dark environment, the G5 barely used a measly 5% of battery over 12 hours. When looking at the results of both tests, the S7’s performance was more consistent; using only 4% more battery under normal lighting conditions than it did in a dark room.

I suspect part of the reason the G5 faired better overall despite using an LCD display is due to how dim its always-on display is. Often times it’s difficult to view information displayed on the G5's always-on display in a well-lit environment. Outside of this test, I often wake the device to check the time, in turn using more battery power on the G5.

The S7’s screen will change in brightness depending on ambient light, but defaults to a brighter setting than the G5. I’ve never struggled to view the current time when glancing at the S7’s always-on screen, no matter the ambient lighting.

So what does this all mean? Both manufacturers have figured out a way to implement a feature that provides useful information at a glance, without wreaking havoc on battery life. Still, you’re going to take a bit of a hit on battery life in exchange for a screen that’s always on.


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