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Kurio Phone is first smartphone for kids with stacks of safety features for parents

Chris Martin | Jan. 23, 2014
Kurio Phone will give kids a smartphone with peace of mind for parents.

Kurio Phone for kids

KD UK has announced that the Kurio Phone will be the first smartphone developed specially for kids.

The Kurio Phone looks like many other Android handsets on the market but safety is a key priority and as such has the firm's KurioGenius Parental Controls onboard. The smartphone itself has a 4in screen, Google Play and Kurio app stores, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a microSD card slot.

Tracey Devine, marketing and licensing director at KD UK, said: "We have developed the Kurio Phone to operate and look just like an adult smartphone, but with safety features and usage limits to cover all eventualities."

"We already have first class Parental Controls in place on the Kurio Tablet range, which has been so well received by parents. So it makes sense to apply this ethos to a Smartphone and make this area of technology applicable and accessible to children and families."

It also features Ichaper Mobile Chaperone technology which allows parents to remotely manage monitor phone features and use. Parents can set limits such as when calls can be made and messages sent. It can be used to set up a list of authorised numbers, blocking those not on the list.

If the child needs to dial an emergency number, the Kurio Phone can make this happen in three clicks. Parents are also informed of this by way of a text message or email as well as the last known position of the phone. Repeatedly pressing the power key will send and SOS notification with location.

Futhermore, the Kurio Phone has an in case of emergency feature (ICE) which means others can find out contact information as well as medical details including blood type and allergies. Geofencing can also be set up so a notification is sent if the device moves out of a pre-defined area.


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