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Know your type

Zafar Anjum | Nov. 20, 2012
Do you know how many types of mobile users are there in China?

China mobile analysis

Do you know how many types of mobile users are there in China?

According to a new Forrester report, as of March 2012, China had more than 1 billion mobile users - that's more than three times the number in the US. However, not everyone uses their phone in the same way nor is similarly attached to their phone.

According to the research firm, its analysis of the mobile attitudes, behaviors, and expectations of Chinese mobile phone owners uncovered three segments: Super Shoujirens, Entertaining Shoujirens, and Wusuoweis.

■ Super Shoujirens 'live' on their mobile phones. Super Shoujirens depend on their mobile phones for everything - for work, for information, for entertainment. They are technologically very astute and, consequently, they are demanding of businesses in terms of mobile technology options. Making up 16 percent of the population, Super Shoujirens are the mobile era's front runners.

■ Entertaining Shoujirens are the largest segment at 43 percent of the population. Mobile phones are important to Entertaining Shoujirens, but their lives do not revolve around their phones. For Entertaining Shoujirens, the phone is first and foremost an entertainment device; it's a source of fun for them.

■ Wusuoweis want basic functionality from their mobile phones. Wusuoweis are 'Sidelined Citizens'; they're not technologically savvy. They see mobile phones as simply a tool that they use to communicate - they don't need all the bells and whistles. Wusuoweis make up 41 percent of the population.

(Sourced from Forrester's Asia Pacific Technographics Online China Survey, Q4 2011)


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