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Kaspersky promises the impossible: A fully secure OS

Ted Samson | Oct. 18, 2012
Eugene Kaspersky says his company is developing a bulletproof OS, but in the big picture, he's just selling snake oil

There's no denying we need to find ways to secure our nation's critical infrastructure systems. As it stands, ICSes and SCADA systems in use today weren't developed with the Internet in mind. They're vulnerable and need to be secured. A more secure underlying operating system might be a step in the right direction, though perhaps trying to push a single, universal, uber-secure OS for all things ICS and SCADA is an invitation for unwanted attention from malicious hackers. I'll say it again: Security comes with obscurity.

But focusing simply on the OS to solve this pressing problem without considering the big security picture, including the undeniably insecure nature of the Internet, end-user ignorance, and programmer laziness, is akin to whistling in the dark. Thus, pushing a single OS as the be-all, end-all solution is akin to selling snake oil.


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