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Is the iPad Pro the best product Apple has ever created?

Jim Lynch | Jan. 26, 2016
The iPad Pro has taken the iPad to new heights, and some folks are delighted with it. But I'm still not quite sold on buying one yet.

Bcaslis: ”Have to agree with OP completely. All this moaning about how it can't replace a laptop because it doesn't have this feature or that reminds me of all the complaints that Apple was doomed because the original iMac didn't have a floppy drive.”

Goomba478: ”GREAT Post(s)!! I am in the same boat as you. Illustrating and fiction writing are two hobbies of mine and the iPad Pro is the device that concisely being together all the necessary tools I need. Just trying it out in the Apple Store, I also pointed out that the device feels like it was from the future. I can't wait until Friday when I get mine. Now if only Apple could pump out some more  Pencils!”

Mystro: ”Totally agree with the OP and I have been with Apple products from the beginning. I knew the iPad Pro was a serious "Game Changer" by all the push back and smack talk from the Windows fan boys that just "happened" to stop by the first few days of the Pro's release. When the competition is making early calculated attacks on a new products forum to start cyber misinformation, you know they are worried. The same threads kept popping up over and over as if reading a telemarketers script. Same thing was happening with early reviews at Best Buy even before the iPad Pro was even released.

I am buying 4 more iPad Pros for my company. How's that for voting with your wallet.”

Sjleworthy: ”agreed 1000%, i'm still in cloud heaven!

this product is a definite game changer as far as i'm concerned. it's awesome. light to hold and handle. almost too delicate feeling. beautiful big screen of course, and absolutely super super super fast. i mean, blisteringly so. even the wifi is faster than my hard wired pc's. the sound is superb. and using side-by-side apps is marvelous. multitasking without optimised apps is great too.

and the Pencil is a genius device. as a general all round Pro pointing/stylus device it's magical. it feels heavier and more substantial than the flimsy look it portrays. it's feels quite weighty and premium. apps like Numbers and safari are a pleasure to use it with.”

ZombiePete: ”I was taking notes in a meeting yesterday with my iPP and Pencil. I snapped a picture of a handout and embedded it into my written notes, marking up the handout as needed and making notes in the margins and stuff. One of my coworkers pointed out that I could have done that with a pen and paper, until I pointed out to him that I was leaving without any papers to file or throw away. I also was able to erase and make changes to some of my notes as we went along (it was a planning meeting so somethings were changing as we talked), and my notes would be searchable at the end so it would be easier for me to find keywords later. I don't know how valuable that is to anyone else, but it's damned cool to me as an avid note taker. I've also worked on a couple PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, a spreadsheet, etc.


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