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Is the iPad Pro the best product Apple has ever created?

Jim Lynch | Jan. 26, 2016
The iPad Pro has taken the iPad to new heights, and some folks are delighted with it. But I'm still not quite sold on buying one yet.

Before the iPad Pro was finally released, there were many rumors circulating about what it might be like. People were quite curious and there was much speculation about whether or not Apple actually would release a bigger iPad. But now that it's been out for a while, it seems pretty clear that some folks absolutely love the iPad Pro.

In the MacRumors forum, one iPad Pro owner started a thread he titled "The best product Apple has ever made" and his post spawned a long discussion thread. I'll share my thoughts below, but here's a sampling of that thread including the comment from the original poster:

Thinayr: ”"Holy $#!% - this is incredible!"

These words have come out of my mouth more times today than they have since I first used an iPhone. I am ASTOUNDED at how good this device is and wanted to tell you why.

I am a creative professional who has used Apple products for 30 years. So yes, I'm incredibly biased. Even if, say, the Microsoft Surface were empirically a better product, I would still never buy one. I love Apple, and the iPad Pro is the culmination of all the reasons why.

First and foremost, I feel like Marty McFly just showed up in a flying DeLorean and handed me a device out of its time. In one day, hours really, my entire view of "computers" is shifted into a place I always knew it would go. The iPad Pro is the most immersive, intimate, exciting computer I have ever used. It's just feels right, and I am excited to see where it's going to take me.

Also, the multi tasking in iOS 9 is spot-on, and while I did have moments where I thought about how many windows and things I could have open and running in my view on OS X, when I actually jumped back to my Mac while setting up the pro, I was shocked at the clutter of a half dozen Windows all lying on top of each other and a thousand other notifications, menus and icons crammed absolutely everywhere. There are plenty of multitasking improvements the fledgling iPrOS could benefit from, but the potential to move to iOS as a creative workspace brings with it the promise to start fresh in sparkling clean, distraction free simplicity.

Also, the sound is phenomenal. Because using the iPad in the hands on why I described brings you face to face with the device, the sound utterly floods your awareness... I cannot wait to start creating art on this thing when my pencil arrives in god-knows-how-many-weeks...

Be excited people... This is the continuation of something remarkable. ”


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