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iPhone 6s rumors: Overhauled camera with 12-megapixel sensor and 4K video support

Oscar Raymundo | Aug. 28, 2015
Stay on top of the most important iPhone 6s rumors and how likely they are to come true this fall.

How thick—and how bendable?

The rumor: A new report from TechCrunch claims that the case of the forthcoming iPhone 6s will measure 1.9mm, compared to 1.14mm on the iPhone 6. Surprisingly, this new sturdier case is also 2 grams lighter, suggesting that Apple is switching to using 7000 series aluminum that it first used on the Apple Watch Sport.

Plausible? Bendgate” was of the biggest complaints when the iPhone 6 first launched, and it makes sense that Apple wouldn’t want to repeat that scenario this time around. Now that Apple has used the sturdier but lighter 7000 series aluminum on the Watch Sport also makes it likely that the company will look into incorporating the new material on the iPhone.

0.2 millimeters thicker?

The rumor: For only the second time in history, Apple will be making its iPhone thicker. This week 9to5Mac uncovered some CAD drawings that show both upcoming iPhone models being 0.2mm thicker than their current counterparts. (Trivia hounds may remember that the iPhone 3G was 0.02 inches thicker than the original iPhone.) If these drawings are true, the iPhone 6s will be 7.1mm thick, as opposed to the current model’s 6.9mm. Similarly, the iPhone 6s Plus goes from from 7.1mm to 7.3mm.

Plausible? 9to5Mac speculates that the increase could be Apple’s response to “bendgate” or to give the new iPhones a larger battery. A more sturdy iPhone with longer battery life? Sound like very good enough reasons for the additional thickness. Engadget Japan also backs this rumor, adding that the 0.2 millimeters are needed to accomodate for Force Touch (read more about that rumor below). 

Bye-bye Home button?

The rumor: Your next iPhone might not have a Home button. Wait, what? 9to5Mac has a report, sourced from the “variably reliable DigiTimes,” claiming that Apple is developing single-chip solutions to integrate touch and display drivers.

iphone 6 home button touch id 
We’d miss you, Home button. Credit: Rob Shultz

What does that mean? That the display could have a “whole plane design” that could theroretically eliminate the Home button. Instead, you’d touch a sensor embedded in the screen, which could recognize not just that you’re tapping it, but your unique fingerprint too, similar to what Touch ID does now.

Plausible? Any technology that can make the iPhone thinner and with a more beautiful display is something Apple would pursue. This could be a step toward edge-to-edge displays that don’t need such a large “chin” to accomodate the Home button, which would mean Apple could make the overall phone smaller without sacrificing the nice, large screen sizes we’ve come to love. But DigiTimes isn’t always accurate, and this kind of advancement could take a while to happen.


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