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iPhone 6s rumors: Hello rose gold, goodbye iPhone 5c

Oscar Raymundo | Aug. 31, 2015
Stay on top of the most important iPhone 6s rumors and how likely they are to come true this fall.

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have raised cameras. Jason Snell

The new iPhone camera system will reportedly get a huge upgrade with a 12-megapixel sensor and 4K video recording support.

Overhauled camera?

The rumor: Your iPhone 6s or 6s Plus probably won’t look any different from the 2014 model, but it may have an overhauled rear camera. The rumored 12-megapixel count in the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, a huge upgrade from the 8 megapixels in the 2014 models, will shoot bigger high-resolution photos but won’t degrade the image quality, sources told 9to5Mac. A revamped front-facing camera will be able to shoot panoramas and slow motion video.

The new iPhones are also getting a serious video boost with the ability to record 4K-resolution video. Filmmakers are already using the iPhone to shoot full-length features, and this boost in quality will be a huge step forward.

Plausible? Reports of a 12-megapixel sensor and 4K video recording capabilities have been circulating for months now, and as more and more details emerge, it seems like the new iPhones’ big selling point (and major reason for buyers to upgrade) will be the camera quality. People are now shooting and recording themselves constantly, so the iPhone could set itself apart with better tools to enable that behavior.

Animated wallpapers?

The rumor: The Apple Watch’s gorgeous animated wallpapers might be heading to the iPhone, unnamed sources told 9to5Mac. That means instead of selecting from the static photos Apple offers for iPhone backgrounds (which are also beautiful, don’t get us wrong), you’ll be able to pick a moving image similar to the jellyfish and flowers you see on the Apple Watch’s motion watch faces.

Plausible? Definitely. The iPhone 6s is reportedly getting a beefed up display equipped with Force Touch, similar to the Apple Watch’s display, and that technology will reportedly support the same stunning animated wallpapers. A leaked photo of an iPhone 6s Plus box with a gold koi fish now seems more legit—the moving fish could be the default iPhone background out of the box.

How thick—and how bendable?

The rumor: A new report from TechCrunch claims that the case of the forthcoming iPhone 6s will measure 1.9mm, compared to 1.14mm on the iPhone 6. Surprisingly, this new sturdier case is also 2 grams lighter, suggesting that Apple is switching to using 7000 series aluminum that it first used on the Apple Watch Sport.

Plausible? Bendgate” was of the biggest complaints when the iPhone 6 first launched, and it makes sense that Apple wouldn’t want to repeat that scenario this time around. Now that Apple has used the sturdier but lighter 7000 series aluminum on the Watch Sport also makes it likely that the company will look into incorporating the new material on the iPhone.


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