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iPad Pro early adopters share pros and cons

James A. Martin | June 30, 2016
A group of businesspeople and iPad Pro power users look back on their time with Apple's tablet and share favorite features, as well as the shortcomings that drive them mad.

iPad Pro display is fragile

Don't expect the iPad Pro's screen to take a licking and keep on ticking. "A drop from less than a foot can and will result in the iPad Pro's destruction," says Anthony Jullien, IT director with appliance maker Dupray, and that can be costly for businesses.

iPad Pro storage isn't expandable 

Tablets designed to rival Apple's iPad Pro, such as Microsoft Surface, let users increase the device's storage by using micro SD memory cards; the iPad does not. "It's a big drawback," says Anoop Menon, president and CEO of software development companyConfianz Global. The alternative is to store files online, he says, but "not everyone wants to keep sensitive data in the cloud."

iPad Pro lacks native Windows OS and mouse support 

MacBooks and other Mac OS computers let users install the Microsoft Windows OS and run Windows apps. Unfortunately, iPads do not. Apple tablets also don't support mouse input devices, according to Chris Fleck, vice president of Emerging Solutions for Citrix Systems. To work around these limitations, Fleck using Citrix's virtual desktop software and the Citrix X1 mouse ($60).

"The biggest limitation for me is the iPad's lack of mouse support," says James Huckle, executive technical director of digital marketing agency AKQA. With native mouse support, he says, his 9.7-inch iPad Pro "could replace a laptop."

Conclusion: iPad Pro comes close ... but still no cigar

Despite its valuable features and some clear advantages over notebook computers, the iPad Pro is unlikely to replace the average business user's laptop. In addition to the cons listed here, another reason why is because iOS apps typically have fewer features than their desktop counterparts, according to Goodnow.

"If you want an email machine, the iPad Pro is your ticket," Goodnow says. "For those who want more productivity [or] only want to have one machine, this isn't going to do it for you."



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