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iPad Pro early adopters share pros and cons

James A. Martin | June 30, 2016
A group of businesspeople and iPad Pro power users look back on their time with Apple's tablet and share favorite features, as well as the shortcomings that drive them mad.

On Nov. 11, 2015, Apple began taking online orders for its then-new iPad Pro. At the time, CEO Tim Cook said the 12.9-inch tablet would replace notebooks, as well as desktop PCs, for "many, many people," according to an article on The

Six months later, we decided to use the online Help a Reporter Out database to ask a number of business and IT executives for their thoughts on Apple's enterprise tablet, and if it had, in fact, replaced their laptops or desktops.
The answer, based on 11 responses, was a resounding "no." However, the respondents also said the original, gigantic iPad Pro along with the more recently released 9.7-inch model Find it on Amazon ], complements their computers and smartphones. And a few of our sources use their tablets in creative and unexpected ways - as a dedicated, in-office Uber terminal, for example.

Here's what the respondents had to say about the pros and cons of Apple's iPad Pro after using the tablet for six months.

iPad Pro is ideal for bursts of focused work

The iPad Pro tablet turns on quickly. It's light. And its iOS multitasking features are great. All of these things makes iPad Pro a terrific laptop alternative for quick, focused bursts of note-taking or other work, from wherever you may be, according to Ed Zitron, CEO of media relations agency EZPR.

Zitron uses a MacBook Pro for most of his PR work, but it's heavy (current models start at 4.5 pounds), he says, and "pulling it out for four minutes of work, or even 30 minutes" is unfeasible at times. Zitron purchased the 128GB iPad Pro with LTE connectivity, so he can easily work in taxis or offices with weak or unavailable Wi-Fi.

"There's a psychological feeling of 'out comes the iPad Pro,' and I know I'm going to take some notes ... or if I'm on a plane, hammer out a document," Zitron says. "There's definitely more focus than the ongoing distraction of my laptop." 

Daniel Kosmala, director of marketing for Apple IT consulting firm Foojee, sold his 12-inch MacBook and used the proceeds to buy both the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and Apple's optional Smart Keyboard. (Kosmala says he even had some money left after the purchase.) "There's no lag time when waking up [the iPad Pro]," he says. "I just pop the Smart Keyboard open, and I'm ready to go."

iPad Pro is versatile

David Mytton, CEO of Server Density, a SaaS cloud-monitoring company, says he now uses his 9.7-inch iPad Pro for 90 percent of the work he used to do on a MacBook Pro, especially email and note taking. However, the "great thing is its versatility," he says. "I can use it anywhere and switch modes from work to leisure, such as watching videos and reading."
Mytton originally considered the 12.9-inch iPad Pro but decided it was too big. "I may as well use a laptop," he says. "The 9.7-inch model is the perfect size for portability."


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