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IPad meets IT - three tools you need

Mark Gibbs | Feb. 28, 2011
Three things IT peeps need on their iThings

The iGrill iOS app

While the iGrill transceiver can work without an iOS device, the magic happens on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad: Using the free iOS iGrill app you can see the current temperature (or temperatures if you have two probes), set a timer, set temperature thresholds, and even see a graph of the temperature(s) over time.

The iGrill transceiver also has a display built-in so you can use it without an iOS device, and you can add a second temperature probe and toggle the display between them.

I have two minor problems with the iGrill. First, the user interface could do with a little more polishing, it's a little "clunky" and it's not obvious on an iPhone or iPod Touch that you swipe the screen to view the temperature dial and timer.

The other issue is the iGrill transceiver doesn't seem to like more than one "pairing", and switching between my iPad and iPod Touch seemed to confuse it to the point where I was taking batteries out of the iGrill, telling my iOS devices to forget the iGrill pairing, then re-pairing, then taking out the batteries again ...

There appears to be something not quite right about the iGrill's Bluetooth, but as long as you don't keep switching iOS devices, which most people won't, you should be fine.

So, now, after a hard week in IT you can kick back, crack a beer, play Angry Birds, and not have to move until the iGrill display on your iThing tells you its time to eat. Outstanding. I'll give the iGrill a rating of 4.5 out of five!


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