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iOS security risks: After the XcodeGhost exploit is Apple's iOS really safer than Android? Plus: What security apps do you need for iPad & iPhone

Karen Haslam | Sept. 24, 2015
In this article we look at some of the security threats that have hit Apple's iOS devices, including XcodeGhost, WireLurker, Masque Attack, the Olag Pliss ransom case and the SSL flaw.

1. Click on Settings > Privacy > Location service
2. Tap Find My iPad and click it to On
3. Open the App Store and Find My iPhone. Install the app.

Open the Find My iPhone app on an iPad or iPhone and log in to see where all your devices are. Note that this service can also be accessed from Apple's iCloud website.

Saving passwords and credit card details in Safari

The iPad can be used to save your passwords and credit card details. Before doing this it is considered advisable to set up a passcode first, as an additional security measure.

To set up Safari to save passwords follow these steps:

1. Tap on Settings and Safari
2. Tap Passwords & Autofill
3. Tap the Names and Passwords button to turn it on (green)

When you next visit a website in Safari, and enter your name and password, a popup will appear asking if you want to save the password. Tap on Save Password and the password will be stored locally in the iPad.

1. Tap Simple Passcode to Off
2. Enter a password (a combination of numbers and letters)

To access password details in Safari

1. Tap on Settings and Safari
2. Tap Passwords and Autofill
3. Tap on Saved Passwords
4. Tap on a password entry and enter your Passcode

You can now view the Website, Username and Password details on the iPad.

To delete a password from Safari

1. Tap on Settings and Safari
2. Tap on Passwords and Autofill
3. Tap Edit
4. Tap the selection circle next to the password you want to delete
5. Tap Delete and Delete again in the pop-up window
6. Enter your passcode

Save your credit card details into Safari

If you do a lot of shopping online you might want to enter your credit card details into Safari. They can then be used on a website to make a payment. Follow these steps to add a credit card to Safari

1. Tap on Settings and Safari
2. Tap on Passwords and AutoFill
3. Tap on the button next to Credit Cards
4. Tap on Saved Credit Cards
5. Tap on Add Credit Card
6. Fill out the Cardholder, Numbers, Expires and Description and tap Done

When you are using a website and it requests your credit card information you can use the Autofill option in a pop-up window to fill in the information automatically. Note that you will still need your CVV (Card Verification Value) number to make a purchase. This is the three-digit number on the reverse of most credit cards.


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