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iOS 10 release date and feature rumours; iOS 10 may feature iCloud Voicemail PLUS: our iOS 10 wishlist

Lewis Painter | Oct. 26, 2015
iOS 9 has only been out for a relatively short time, but we're already turning our sights to the future and the announcement of Apple's next mobile operating system, iOS 10.

Since we don't know Redmond Pie's unnamed sources, we can't verify this report for ourselves; and the site admits that it doesn't know if Rootless will make an appearance in the next software updates (to both mac OS X and iOS) or at some point after that. But jailbreakers will be awaiting next years WWDC announcements with some concern, we imagine.

iOS 10 new feature rumours: HomeKit hub, possibly called 'Home'

HomeKit is Apple's take on the Internet of Things concept: a platform that will allow you to control home appliances and other non-traditional connected devices from your iPhone or Mac. Apple has announced the platform, but we are still waiting for an accompanying iOS app - especially with HomeKit-compatible devices now widely available for purchase. It's worth noting that if you do own a HomeKit-compatible device, you're able to control it via Siri in iOS 9.

Naturally it makes sense for this important new product area for Apple to be a focus of attention in future software updates, and we expect to see a new HomeKit-focused app in iOS 10 called, most likely, 'Home'.

This app would be a little like Health: a central hub that's used to communicate with a wide variety of external devices and collate their data. As my colleague Caitlin McGarry explains it, "The app will cluster your HomeKit devices by virtual rooms, so you can easily see which accessory you want to turn on, turn off, or adjust without actually looking at it."

We can't wait: by the end of next year we could all be using our iPhones to examine the contents of our fridges and turn on the heating shortly before we arrive home.

iPhone 7 concept

iOS 10 new feature rumours: iCloud Voicemail

Apple is said to be conducting internal testing of a new feature of Siri; one that'll allow your virtual assistant to talk to your callers and transcribe your voicemail messages into text. The iCloud Voicemail is said to replace standard voicemail, with one particular feature being able to quickly glance at and read voicemail messages, rather than having to listen to them. Business Insider has reported that the service is expected to launch next year, depending on its reliability (hence why Apple employees are internally trialling the service).

So, how will this new feature work? Apparently, when someone using iCloud Voicemail is unable to take a call, Siri will answer instead of letting the call go to your standard voicemail. iCloud Voicemail should be able to relay information to (selected) callers regarding where the recipient is, and why he/she can't answer the phone. Siri will then transcribe the incoming voicemail, as it does whenever the virtual assistant is used.


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