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I spent $0 playing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, and I have 7.9 million fake Twitter followers

Sarah Jacobsson Purewal | Aug. 5, 2014
Now that Glu Mobile's latest game--Kim Kardashian: Hollywood--has been dubbed by the New York Times an "unlikely mobile video game hit" (it rakes in $700,000 a day), I can finally play it without feeling judged.

The third currency is energy, which you have a limited supply of and which replenishes verrrry slowwwwly. You need energy to complete, or rather, to blow away tasks such as photo shoots, runway shows, and dates. These tasks automatically complete themselves after a certain amount of time (e.g. a photo shoot that takes three hours will give you a payout of experience points and cash after...three hours), but if you use energy you'll speed up the process and get a higher score.

Each task has a meter, and your goal is to fill that meter using energy (basically, tapping on mini-tasks that require energy — it's not a real game). The higher the meter is by the end of the task's pre-designated time, the more experience points, cash, and fame you'll earn. Plus, if you fill the meter completely before the task's time is up, the task will end early, allowing you to pursue other tasks. Each completed task affects your ranking: A 5-star meter can net you millions of followers, while a 0-star meter can cause you to lose followers.

All three of the currencies in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood are relatively slow to earn, so it's not surprising at all that people are spending millions of dollars on this game. Heck, it apparently took Jezebel's Tracie Egan Morrissey $494.04 to vault herself from E-Lister to A-Lister. But you don't have to spend that much. In fact, you don't have to spend anything.

Trust me: I'm a freelancer. I have a budget of approximately $0 to spend on virtual designer clothing.

I've been playing the game pretty casually for about a month now — "casually" means once a day, at most — and (in-game) I'm an A-List celebrity with 7.9 million Twitter followers. And I didn't spend a dime to get there. Here's how you can go from (fake) E-List to (fake) A-List for free.

Don't pay rent

In the beginning of the game, you're just a nobody renting a run-down loft in downtown L.A. Your rent is $750 per month, which is unrealistically cheap for the neighborhood (I know this because I currently live in a loft in downtown L.A. — so this game is basically my life), but that's beside the point. If you never go home (that is, never click on the "duLUXE lifestyle apartments" building), you'll never have to pay it!

And don't worry — you won't miss out on the fun (?) home-decorating aspect of the game, because your agent is going to ask you to buy a condo in Hollywood about ten minutes into the game, anyway. The condo costs $2000, so yeah, I don't know why anyone is renting in this town. Also, speaking of home decorating: It's wise to ignore this part of the game altogether, because it's expensive and it doesn't really affect your fame or your following. 


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