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How to Master Marshmallow: 12 tips for Android 6.0

JR Raphael | March 11, 2016
Get the most out of your Android 6.0 device with these tasty Marshmallow tips. (Mmm... Marshmallow tips.)

Don't you fret, my peace-seeking friend: With Marshmallow, you can take full control of your notifications and determine for yourself which apps can send those pesky pop-ups and which will be limited to good old-fashioned status bar alerts.

Skip merrily over to the "Sound & notification" section of your system settings and look for the line labeled "App notifications," then select the app you want to adjust from the list. A menu of options will appear, including one to prevent "peek"-style notifications and -- bonus alert! -- one to treat the app as "priority" so its alerts will always be allowed through when the Do Not Disturb "Priority Only" mode is on.

11. Show your apps who's boss

While we're on the subject of app control, Android 6.0 makes it easier than ever to watch your apps and keep tabs on what they're doing. Head into the "Apps" section of your system settings and select an app to see all the possibilities.

After tapping an app, you'll be able to view its precise storage and data use, and refine what types of access it's granted. You'll also find a detailed overview of its memory and battery usage, which can be a helpful way to pinpoint programs that are quietly draining your device's resources (hint: Look carefully at Google Photos and Facebook).

12. Supercharge your text selector

Marshmallow's text selection tool is much easier to use than what we've seen on Android in the past, but there's actually more to it than meets the eye: The new text selector also opens the door for third-party apps to get involved in some pretty interesting ways.

Install Google Translate and Wikipedia -- two apps already taking advantage of the new system -- and then select some text to see what the fuss is all about. With those two apps in place, you'll find options for on-demand language translations and encyclopedia info in the small menu that appears near selected text (alongside "Cut," "Copy" and so forth). Tap either option, and you'll get the appropriate result in a pop-up that won't take you away from what you're doing.


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