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How to Master Marshmallow: 12 tips for Android 6.0

JR Raphael | March 11, 2016
Get the most out of your Android 6.0 device with these tasty Marshmallow tips. (Mmm... Marshmallow tips.)

When you want to be left alone for a while, just tap the "Do Not Disturb" tile in the Quick Settings panel. You'll be able to turn off all sounds and vibrations either indefinitely or for a set amount of time -- or opt to turn off everything except alarms or everything except high-priority notifications (more on those in a minute).

7. Silence the simple way

If you don't want to think about options and just need to hush your phone in a hurry, hold your device's volume-down key until it shows a vibrate-only icon -- then let go and press the key one more time.

That'll put Android into a silent mode, which will allow any set alarms to sound but won't let any other noises through. (If you ever tried to quickly silence your phone with Lollipop, you know why this option is worth celebrating!)

8. Have your phone hush itself

Save yourself some effort and let your phone keep itself quiet when you know you'll be busy -- or maybe just sleeping. Hey, they don't call it a smartphone for nothing!

Take advantage of Android 6.0's enhanced brains by going into the "Sound & notification" section of your system settings and tapping the line labeled "Do not disturb." There, Marshmallow has the newly present ability to create a variety of rules for when your phone will automatically stay silent -- based on factors like the day and time or the presence of specific types of active calendar events.

9. Set your priorities

Sometimes you don't want to be bothered with every ping and ding your smartphone may sing, but you do want to be sure certain important notifications can still get through and grab your attention. That's where Android 6.0's priority notification system comes into play.

Before you use it, you'll need to take a moment to set the feature up the way you want. Start by moseying back into the "Do not disturb" menu within the "Sound & notification" section of your system settings and then tapping the line labeled "Priority only allows."

There, you'll find a list of notification types you can designate as high-priority -- reminders, events, and certain types of calls or messages. You can even opt to allow a caller through if she rings you twice within the same 15-minute window (hi, Mom!).

Once you have everything configured, just activate the "Priority Only" mode of Do Not Disturb, as described in tip number 6, and rest easy knowing you'll only be bothered if it's something (allegedly) really important.

10. Take control of notifications

Another annoyance introduced with Android 5.0 was the use of obtrusive and nonfunctional notifications known as "heads-up" or "peek" notifications. The large card-based alerts saw some improvements with Android 5.1, but they often still got in the way without adding anything of extra value.


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