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How to Master Marshmallow: 12 tips for Android 6.0

JR Raphael | March 11, 2016
Get the most out of your Android 6.0 device with these tasty Marshmallow tips. (Mmm... Marshmallow tips.)

If you want to tap out of Now on Tap, go to the Google section of your system settings. Select "Search & Now," then "Now on Tap" -- then uncheck the toggle on the screen that appears. If you decide you want to give Now on Tap another whirl at some point in the future, just repeat these steps and switch the toggle on.

3. Customize your Quick Settings panel

Wish you could change what shortcuts appear in your device's Quick Settings panel -- you know, the pull-down menu filled with links for things like toggling your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and enabling airplane mode? With Android 6.0, you can.

The power is hidden in a new advanced feature called System UI Tuner. To activate it, first swipe down twice from the top of your screen (or swipe down once with two fingers) to open the Quick Settings panel. Touch and hold the little gear icon in the upper-right corner until it starts spinning, then let go -- and you should see a message confirming that System UI Tuner is enabled and waiting for your command.

Now just head into your main system settings and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the list. Tap the newly present line labeled "System UI Tuner," throw on the nearest Indiana Jones costume and start exploring.

4. Take your tuning up a notch

If you're feeling especially ambitious, check out a third-party app called Custom Quick Settings. It goes even further than Marshmallow's native Tuner tool and lets you add all sorts of custom shortcuts into the Quick Settings panel.

Just be warned: The app isn't exactly user-friendly. Proceed only if you have the patience and know-how for next-level tinkering.

5. Crank up the volume (without cringing)

Remember how annoying it was to adjust volume levels in Android 5.0? Well, thank your lucky stars: That's all fixed in Marshmallow. You can now access all of the system volume controls -- for your ringer and notifications, music, and alarms -- anytime, regardless of what you're doing.

When you first press your device's volume-up or volume-down key, Marshmallow will pull up the control most relevant to your current activity -- for instance, if you're playing music it'll bring up the music volume slider. If you want to adjust the volume for a different function, just tap the little down-facing caret at the right side of the volume slider. That'll expand the volume controls so you can see all the different sliders and adjust whatever you need.

6. Get some peace and quiet

As part of Android's volume system revamp, Marshmallow introduces a much more user-friendly Do Not Disturb mode.


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