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How to install Linux on a Chromebook

Jim Lynch | Aug. 20, 2015
Chromebook sales have been red hot on Amazon, with various models regularly getting great reviews and comments from Amazon customers. But not everybody is in love with Chrome OS. Some folks prefer to run Linux and Expert Reviews has a helpful how-to that will guide you through the install process.

Ricardo Trevizo reports for Android Headlines:

Google+ has been going through a slow and painful process that will most likely lead to its eventual demise, with the internet giant itself taking some major steps to strip the social network from numerous of its core elements, such as Photos and the YouTube account implementation. This demonstrated that Google will no longer invest as much on Google+ as it once did, even if the company has stated in several occasions that it is still fully committed to it.

Today, the highly injured Google+ has taken yet another big hit, only this time it wasn’t inflicted by Google itself, but instead by one of the major Android OEMs in the whole world. Samsung has apparently opted to not include the app for Google’s attempt at a social network with the recently launched Galaxy Note 5. This is something major, as it shows that the South Korean tech company no longer sees Google+ as a service that would improve the overall experience in their latest flagship phablet.

Samsung is one of the most important (if not, the most important) smartphone manufacturers around the globe, which makes all of its decisions greatly influential with the Android and tech communities. The fact that Samsung opted to not include Google+ with the new iteration to the Galaxy Note, and only include Google Photos with the device, only served as an even greater indication that even if Google still hasn’t accepted it, Google+ is getting each day closer to its death.


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