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How to install Linux on a Chromebook

Jim Lynch | Aug. 20, 2015
Chromebook sales have been red hot on Amazon, with various models regularly getting great reviews and comments from Amazon customers. But not everybody is in love with Chrome OS. Some folks prefer to run Linux and Expert Reviews has a helpful how-to that will guide you through the install process.

There is nothing to complain about, if you want a cheap laptop that has a good build quality and runs linux, the Acer CB5 is a very nice device. But as with every Chromebook it has a bad display - it is 1080 but still the viewing angles and overall quality are pretty terrible. At least it's not a glossy screen. For the money, my complaint about the display isn't valid, since I compare the display to a $2000+ Macbook (which is non-glossy too and has a fantastic quality)."

Terminalator: "I used to run Slackware on my Samsung CR-48. I loved it until my stepson sat on it."

Richeibful: "I'm using Xubuntu thru Crouton on my school-provided Dell Chromebook 10. This way, you can switch between Linux and ChromeOS with a hotkey. Take a look at the instructions and download here[1] . You're going to need to put it in developer mode[2] first."

Mthode: "I've installed gentoo on the original arm chromebook. I used it a little bit, but couldn't get over the keyboard. Love the form factor though."

Yuppie: "I put CentOS7 and Arch on my Google CR-48, which only has a 16GB ssd in it and it ended up working rather well. No major issues other than completely bogged down when trying to run a web browser like chrome or firefox. Couldn't handle youtube or any typical web browsing."

Team Fortress 2 for Linux gets an update on Steam

Team Fortress 2 is a hugely popular multiplayer shooter that you can get from Steam. The game is getting a big update that should improve the overall experience for Linux gamers.

Silviu Stahie reports for Softpedia:

According to the changelog, a new game mode called "PASS Time" has been added to the TF2 Beta, a crash caused by a client sending malformed network data to the server has been fixed, a new hat dubbed "The Finder's Fee" has been added, and some visual bugs caused by picking up weapons with special attributes have been repaired.

Besides that, the Mann vs. Machine Medigun shield is now being re-created after switching away from the Medigun, and the Australium Grenade Launcher has been updated to fix the wood material being shiny.

Also, the Maps Workshop Beta has been updated as well, a common crash when loading some compressed maps has been fixed, the handling of workshop maps in a server's map cycle is now much better, and The FindMap and CanProvideLevel API for server-side mods have been updated as well, as requested by the community.

Samsung dumps Google+ in the Galaxy Note 5

Google+ has been on the ropes for a while, and many people think it's on its way out. I shared my thoughts about Google+ dying a while back, and now Samsung has decided to dump Google+ on the Galaxy Note 5.


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