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How to follow March Madness on Android

Derek Walter | March 16, 2016
Get the best apps for this year’s basketball blitz so you won’t miss scores, live streams, or bracket-busting upsets.

There’s no sporting event quite like the NCAA Tournament. The opening week starts with a dizzying number of games that requires you to abandon work, sleep, and other essential life functions in order to not miss but one shining moment.

More the reason to employ your smartphone as a basketball companion for this year’s tournament. It truly can do it all: stream live games, beam them to your Chromecast, keep tabs on your bracket, and ping you with those all-important upset alerts.

Now that the field is set, sprint with your fingers to the Play Store and follow these tips so you can have a basketball-filled month.

Stream the games with the NCAA March Madness Live app

First things first: how do you watch the games? Fortunately this part is straightforward. You need to get the NCAA March Madness Live app. Every single contest of the 2016 tournament will be streamed here. The app is also Google Cast enabled, so you can beam the content to your Chromecast or Android TV. If you have another set-top box you want to report for duty, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to stream to that too

But as it usually goes these days, there are caveats. For unlimited access to every game, you have to sign in with your cable provider login credentials (or someone’s, ahem) in order to watch. The app’s instructions say you’re granted a three-hour promo period before you’re kicked off the livestream. I’ve found in the past this to be rather hit and miss, as sometimes you’re allowed to hang around beyond the three-hour limit only to be unceremoniously dumped later.

Your best bet is to find a way to login, particularly if you’re a cord cutter as the semifinals and final are on TBS this year instead of CBS.

Pick your favorite app for live scores and updates

If you’re a casual fan or want to keep things simple, you can probably just stick with the official March Madness app and be happy. But if you’re a heavy user of ESPN services or have another favorite sports network, you may want to cast a wider net.

A good place to start is the CBS Sports app. It’s an all-around excellent app that’s Material Design-friendly and has a lot of college basketball content given the network’s heavy role with the tournament. 

While the March Madness app is focused specifically on the tournament, CBS Sports is worth keeping on your phone once the madness is over to follow the recruiting trail and other team news during the offseason.

As always, ESPN is a great selection, especially since the sports network devotes so much coverage to college basketball throughout the year. It’s a great tournament aide because along with all the live stats, tweets, and other details, there’s a handy indicator that tells you which channel that game is on. Hey, it may keep you from missing that buzzer beater.


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