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How to dominate Pokémon Go without spending money

Andrew Hayward | July 13, 2016
Keep this freemium hit fully free by following these handy everyday tips.

pokemon go eggs

If you’re walking around and playing anyway, you might as well break a few eggs, right?

Make sure you incubate eggs: Besides the early server issues, Pokémon Go’s biggest failing may be its near-complete lack of explanation for many game elements. That might give the game more mystery, but newcomers who aren’t searching web forums or social media may have no idea how certain game elements work. So here’s a heads-up: you’ve got eggs to hatch.

You’ll pick up eggs from PokéStops and when leveling up, and you always have at least one incubator in your inventory. Make sure you have an egg in it! To access the eggs, tap the PokéBall at the bottom of the screen, go to the Pokémon menu, and tap the Eggs banner up top. From there, simply tap an egg, pop it in an incubator, and it’ll begin the process.

Each egg will hatch once you walk the noted cumulative distance with the app open, whether it’s 2km, 5km, or 10km, and then you’ll get a free Pokémon in the process. Maybe it’ll be a rare one! You won’t know unless you try.

Mooch off of others’ lures: Why are Pokémon Go players found in packs, even though the game doesn’t have any direct social or trading elements (as of now)? Because of lures. When placed onto a PokéStop, a lure item will draw nearby Pokémon to that location at a rapid rate, ensuring you don’t have to wander far to bulk up your roster.

pokemon go lures

Neighborhood hotspots are often good places to find active lures. Hang around a bit and grab as many Pokémon as you can!

Better yet, a placed lure works for everyone: That spot on the map becomes ground zero for Pokémon for 30 minutes. So why not benefit from someone else’s willing expense? Keep an eye on your map when playing and look out for the PokéStops that have little pink flower pedals floating around them—that means it has an active lure, and you have a limited amount of time to take advantage of it.

If you live in a busy city, it’s likely that you’ll find active lures all around. And if there are intersections or areas that have multiple PokéStops in very close proximity, players often drop lures in multiple spots to take advantage of the terrain. Each lure costs $1 worth of coins in real money when bought individually, but if you see an activated PokéStop nearby, you might as well take advantage of the free opportunity.

Also, if you haven’t already used them, you should have at least a couple of incense items in your inventory. Incense isn’t a social item, meaning other people can’t benefit from your use of it, but you’ll still be able to draw Pokémon near with minimal effort. That’s ideal for when you’re stuck at your desk at work, or don’t want to leave the couch at night.


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