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How to delete all photos from iPhone

Christopher Minasians | April 8, 2016
Deleting images from an iPhone might seem tedious, but in this guide we'll show you various ways of batch deleting photos.

To perform this deletion, click on the Albums icon located at the bottom right-hand side of the Photos app and then tap on Edit at the top right-hand corner.

You should now see small red minus signs listed by your albums. Note that all albums don't have this option show-up, due to them being locked by Apple.

Simply click on the red sign on the left-hand side of the album you wish to delete and a Delete box will turn up on the right-hand side of the album. You'll then be prompted to delete the entire album.

Clearing your Recently Deleted album on your iPhone

How to delete all photos from iPhone - Recently Deleted

As stated earlier, Apple stores your images for 30 days within the Recently Deleted album on your phone to safeguard accidental dismissals. If you're sure about deleting the photos within this album, simply go into the Albums tab and click on the Recently Deleted album.

Once you're within the album tap on Select at the top right-hand side and you'll be presented with a Delete All and Recover All option at the bottom of your screen.

Recover All will restore all the photos to their original location, whilst Delete All will remove them permanently from your device. 

Deleting from your Mac using Image Capture

How to delete all photos from iPhone - Image Capture Selecting

All Macs have a hidden gem for deleting photos at a breeze; the program in question is Image Capture. This simple and yet useful program on Mac is unbelievably quick in deleting images permanently from your iPhone.

Open Image Capture and ensure your Mac is Trusted from your iPhone. As you plug in your iPhone you'll see your photos load almost instantly within Image Capture. From here simply hit Command + A on your keyboard or select them with your mouse and then click the small red 'No Entry' sign at the bottom of the Image Capture program. You'll be then prompted to confirm the deletion.

How to delete all photos from iPhone - Image Capture Delete

Once you hit Delete, the photos will within seconds delete off your iPhone. This is therefore the fastest and best way to delete photos off your iPhone if you have access to a Mac.

Deleting from your Mac using iPhoto

How to delete all photos from iPhone - iPhoto

Every Mac should have iPhoto installed by default and through it; you can very quickly delete all the photos from your iOS device - this method isn't as fast as Image Capture, due to having to import them to your Mac first, but does give you a fail-safe option of not accidentally deleting a photo.


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