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How to build your own Android widgets for a truly personalized homescreen

Derek Walter | Jan. 22, 2016
Embrace the spirit of Android by adding more style and functionality to your home screen with these apps.

Zooper Widget Pro

If you really want to step up your widget game, then Zooper Widget Pro may be just what you need. The customization is rather extensive, as you can tweak the scale and opacity of individual icons and the color scheme. It has some of the most detailed customization choices out there, so you can really make your own look.

Zooper Pro lets you tinker with a lot of different details when creating a widget.

Zooper is popular enough that it functions as a platform, with other apps and themes are able to build their own widgets that work with it. Typographical Zooper and Zooper by Beard 3 are both good at using Zooper to transform the entire look of your phone or tablet. Zooper takes some more work than the others, but you’ll be able to show off a unique creation to all your iPhone-using friends who still rock a stale grid of icons.

Beautiful Widgets Pro

Beautiful Widgets Pro is a great middle ground if you’re looking for something that does a lot of the heavy lifting for you, but also lets you dabble with how your widget looks. 

That’s because the app has numerous templates for you to quickly select a widget and then make a few minor tweaks. It’s an ideal option if you want the weather, a large clock, or just a few other at-a-glance details.

beautiful widgets
Beautiful Widgets offers a number of different templates to get you going.

The design may seem a little stuck in the past for some of the widgets, but it’s worth trying out to see if there is something that you like.

If you like using widgets, or may want to test out the concept more deeply, these are all good alternatives. If you have a personal favorite that we haven’t mentioned, let us know about it in the comments. The key to Android customization is discovery and experimentation, so stay vigilant when it comes to finding other ways to make your homescreen truly personal.


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