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How T-Mobile's video streaming works

Matt Hamblen | Nov. 12, 2015
With 480p resolution, Binge On called DVD quality, but 'not perfect'

So far, Google's YouTube service and Facebook video are not among the streaming services supported by Binge On. Some experts estimate that those two sources make up well over half of all the streaming video available on the Internet. Castle said there is a "small class of videos with a different identity from others. If it's Google or Facebook, we're happy to work with them."

While analysts said HTTPS encryption on YouTube might be the reason it is not yet on Binge On, Castle said, "it's less about encryption and more about the delivery mechanism they use, which is UDP (User Datagram Protocol)."

Binge On for business users

Binge On isn't only for consumers and can also be applied to T-Mobile business customer plans.

Mike Katz, senior vice president of marketing, said in an interview that T-Mobile has seen "huge success" in adding business customers, mostly smaller companies. "They've been leaving Sprint and AT&T in droves."

Streaming video is applicable to some work-related activities, but is also a service that typical workers want to have available on a smartphone at lunch or other free time, he added.

In addition to announcing Binge On, T-Mobile doubled the data available for the same price for both consumer and business customers. Four business lines with 6GB each will cost $120 per month for a limited time. T-Mobile also dropped the price for 11 or more lines by a dollar, from $16 to $15 per line.


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