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Guide to iPhone and iPad settings: how to use all the iOS Settings UPDATED

Cliff Joseph | Aug. 20, 2015
Like System Preferences on a Mac , Settings on your iPhone or iPad offers access to tools for adjusting screen brightness, setting up a password, configuring your WiFi, and more. But in addition you will also find options for handling phone calls and mobile broadband, as well as many additional security features that protect your personal files, photos and other information.

Controlling In-App Purchases on the iPhone

We've all heard stories about kids spending a fortune on IAPs (in-app purchases), so iOS 8 adds new restrictions for these as well. Scroll down a little and you'll see two options that allow you to prevent anyone from installing new apps or deleting any of your existing apps. Next on the list is the option to completely block in-app purchases as well. But, oddly, there's no option here to simply restrict access to the App Store in the same way that you can restrict the iTunes or iBook stores.

In fact, it is possible to do this, but for some reason this option is hidden a bit further down on the Restrictions panel. Keep scrolling down until you see a section called 'Allowed Content'. The controls in this section allow you to apply ratings controls for music, video and other types of content - such as age ratings for films, or blocking music that contains adult language. There's also an option here that allows you to prevent any new apps being installed, or perhaps limiting new app purchases to apps that are suitable for a particular age group.

Stop Siri on iPad and iPhone

Last time around we saw how to completely disable Siri, as well as other apps such as Safari, that you might not want young children to use. If you do decide to leave Siri turned on you can still make sure that it doesn't accidentally slip in any unsuitable language or material. Go back into the Restrictions section within Settings, and scroll down to 'Allowed Content' once more. Just below the ratings controls for music, videos and apps, you'll see an entry for Siri. Tap on this and you'll see two options that you can turn on or off.

Siri will never use adult language in response to a question, but it may repeat bad language that is spoken by others. Turning off the explicit language option will ensure that this sort of language is bleeped out or printed as asterisks on the screen. Turning off the web search option will prevent Siri from looking up information on Wikipedia, Twitter or Bing - which is the only search engine that Siri is currently allowed to use.

Web Site Controls for iPad and iPhone

Right underneath Siri in the Allowed Content controls is the Website option, which allows you to limit the web sites that can be viewed in Safari. By default, this is set to allow 'all web sites', but tapping on Limit Adult Content will automatically filter out most adult web sites. However, you can still allow or block access to specific web sites by entering the address in the 'always allow' or 'never allow' panels.


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