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Got an iPhone 6? Do these 10 things first

Susie Ochs | Sept. 22, 2014
It's here! Your iPhone is here! Did you hug the UPS man? Thing Zero to do as you rip it out of the box is to not drop it, whatever you do. (Did you see that poor Australian kid? Ouch. Well, at least it didn't shatter on him.)

5. Pick a size with Display Zoom

I went with standard, which keeps the app icons and touch targets the same size, just giving me more space around them. The zoomed view enlarges everything. Apple helpfully gives you a three-panel preview, including how the home screen would look with each setting, as well as a sample Messages screen and a sample email in Mail. Nice touch, Apple.

6. Peruse the settings

That's it! You're in! Your home screen might have an empty row where you can keep more app icons, but once you're done fiddling with that, I always like to pop open the Settings app and check out the new options, as well as update the settings that carried over from my last phone. We've got a handy guide to everything that's changed in Settings in iOS 8.

7. Update your apps

Tons of developers are updating their apps to use all the new tricks in iOS 8 like extensions, widgets, and interactive notifications. So be sure to head to the App Store and update everything. You can have all your apps auto-update by flipping the Updates switch in Settings > iTunes & App Stores > Automatic Downloads, but I actually prefer to update manually because I'm addicted to reading the "What's New" release notes that come with each update. I like to know what's changed, and though auto-updaters can pop into the App Store's Updates tab and read them after an update, I know I wouldn't bother.

8. Install some widgets

iOS 8 lets app developers write widgets that live in your Notifications Center. Third-party calendar apps can show your upcoming appointments just like Apple's Calendar app can. Package-tracking wonder app Slice has a widget that updates you on shipping status for incoming packages, and Amazon's Kindle app has a widget that works as a shortcut to the books you were reading last. To find them, pull down from the top of your screen to show your Notification Center, then scroll to the bottom, tap Edit, and on the next screen you can choose which apps' widgets you want and drag them into your preferred order.

9. Open the Tips app

Apple added a brand-new app in iOS 8 called Tips. True to its name, it gives you tips about using your device. It's got handy, bite-sized chunks of info that you probably know already, but maybe haven't tried them out yet. Some of them maybe you forgot you ever knew in the first place, like asking Siri to identify currently playing songs.

10. Call your mom

I'm sure she'd love to hear from you.

What did we leave out? What's the first thing you're always itching to do with a shiny new iPhone? Let us know, and have a happy New iPhone Day.


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